Introducing custom files changed order in your pull requests

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Code reviews are an important process in your team to share knowledge and improve code quality. At, we believe developers should be able to provide as much information as possible to improve the review experience and get the best feedback possible.

If you use pull request interface you have probably noticed that the files changed tab shows the files by alphabetical order. However, we found that many times this order is not relevant to help the reviewer get started in the review and can break the review flow.

To mitigate this problem, we are introducing the ability for pull request authors to customise the order in the files changed list. This feature is available through the Chrome extension for semantic code reviews. Here’s how it looks like.

The ability to customise the order is only available for the PR author. The other users will see the custom order and when it was last modified.

For now, custom files changed orders are available on any pull request in public repositories. We look forward for your feedback and feature requests!


Looking into 2020’s Pull Requests: Part I

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At we are continuously testing semantic code reviews with Github’s Pull Requests from our internal projects and public repositories. To get a representative set of organizations and repositories to test, in the past weeks we started looking into a systematic way to sense the public activity on pull requests.

We think that some of these results could be interesting to the community so we decided to share them in a series of weekly posts. Our main intention is to share the data without too much interpretation — we know that different teams and organizations have different working methodologies and we don’t intend to categorize them in any way.

For our first post, we will look into the duration of pull requests which is something we were always curious about.

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