Explore.dev is on a quest to radically improve code reviews.
Our ultimate goal is to provide code understanding superpowers to every software developer in the world.

As part of our Engineering team, you’ll have the highest impact in our products and directly benefit from your work!

We’re looking for independent, innovative and open-minded engineers who are team players and comfortable with a modern ‘garage’ tech start-up.

About the Job

  • Work in a fast-paced experimental environment with other engineers.
  • Execute with Typescript and React on a CI/CD software development pipeline.
  • Actively influence the culture and organisation of the company.

Technical Requirements

  • Proficiency with HTML, CSS, Typescript and vanilla Javascript.
  • Strong Experience with component based architecture using React.
  • Strong Experience with Browsers API.
  • Strong Experience with Code Hosting (Github, Gitlab, etc.) APIs.
  • Strong experience with automated testing frameworks such as Jest and Karma.

What we Offer

  • A team of diverse and talented engineers.
  • A unique learning and personal growth experience.
  • An opportunity to improve the lives of software developers around the world.
  • A lifestyle with perks designed for your well-being.

The initial compensation package will be based on location, experience and potential shown in the hiring process.
Note: This is a remote position for a location within GMT-4 and GMT+4.

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