Dear fellow software developer,

We want to make code reviews pain-free for everyone!

Code reviews are used on a daily basis by millions of developers to ensure that their software meets high standards of correctness, maintainability and security. However, software quality is only as high as the quality of the code reviews. Since code reviews can stall the overall software development process, reviewers are constantly pressured to limit the time they spend on their reviews.

Currently, we experience a lot of frustration associated with the code review process. As reviewers, unfortunately we spend a lot of time feeling lost, not knowing how to start or organise the review. At the core of it, we often context switch between tools, struggling to understand the relationship between code changes and how they fit in the overall project. 

At, we are a group of developers. We fundamentally believe that, in 2020, developers deserve a code review tool with which we can consistently achieve high-quality code reviews without compromising our own productivity as developers.

In a high-quality code review, we do not only identify code defects but we also share invaluable information about technologies, team organisation and the engineering standards of the company. These are the code reviews we aim to bring to every team in the world.

We are working towards a code review tool that guides reviewers through the most important code changes, providing the relevant context surrounding each change. This is a significant shift from code reviews based on textual differences over files to what we call semantic code reviews. We believe that semantic code reviews will be pain-free code reviews where we consume fewer resources and increase the code quality of our projects.

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